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Started his career in music sound recording and mixing in 1984 at Audiolab, S.A  in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where he worked as a recording and mixing engineer and also mixing live music performances at their live sound department until 1987, after completing studies in music sound recording at the Institute of Audio and Video Engineering in Hollywood, California,USA. 

Later in 1987 started recording on location audio for film production companies. In 1988 travels to Rome, Italy, where for some months works as a studio recording engineer for Antonio e Marcello, an Italian Duo of  producers-musicians-singers, and in 1989 returns to Santo Domingo. In 1990 is called by dominican music producer Manuel Tejada to work at his studio Midilab Grabaciones work that he does until 1999, engineering in a massive amount of renowned tropical albums.

In 1995 works at his first feature film, as a Boom Operator ,with BAFTA award recipient production sound mixer Stephan Von Hasse and cuban-american director Leon Ichaso, for the film “Bitter Sugar”. In 1999 starts working as production sound mixer for film productions and also live music mixing and recordings. During these years records hundreds of tv commercials, short films, 20 feature films and documentaries many of these with international companies like Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic, TV 5 France and many others. 

From 2000 to 2010 works for Chichi Peralta & Son Familia as their front of house sound mixer with whom he travels throughout central America, South America and Europe.

In 2008 works as the audio engineer in charge of the first  5.1 Surround Sound DVD project in the Dominican Republic for the production “Big Band Nuñez” of singer songwriter Pavel Nuñez .

In 2010 moves with his family to Miami, Florida and in september of that year works as a crew member for the installation of the new HD control room at Univision with the company Conntech from Miami and The Systems Group from New Jersey. 

In 2011 starts doing multitrack audio recordings for two reality shows produced by MTV3’s, “Quiero mi Boda”, and “Quiero mis Quinces” until 2013 when he starts working for the company Pincus Educational Programs as a freelance recording engineer to record their specialization seminars for lawyers, work that he still currently does.

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