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Tuto started in the music industry at a very young age. Son of an Orchestra Director and pianist, by the age of twelve Tuto was already setting up mixers and sound equipment for his father. By the age of sixteen he was recording multitrack on one inch tape and producing MIDI tracks on a Mac 512K. By the age of Nineteen he was already an engineer at one of DR’s more respected studios. 


After spending some time in University of Miami and Full Sail, he was Chief Engineer at 440 Studios in New York, handling equipment like and SSL 6000G with Ultimation and Total Recall and two Studer A820 Mk IV with Dolby SR, proficient in analog as well as digital. He has also helped design and build several studios in his native Dominican Republic.


Tuto has recorded and/or mixed live for artists and producers such as Juan Luis Guerra, Michel Camilo, Emmanuel, , Manuel Tejada, Dizzy Gillespie, Toots Thielemans among others. 


But Tuto is also a passionate producer, orchestrator and piano player. He has produced albums and written and arranged songs for Miriam Cruz, Toke de Keda, Pablo Alejandro as well as extensive commercial productions, jingles, show openers, etc. 


At present Tuto lives in New York. He is Lead Audio for the United Palace, the fourth largest theater in Manhattan. He is producing songs for local artists and writing songs to better the world. He is also a seminary student.

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